Saving Lives

A place where, wisdom, talent, and excess time meet. Lets be serious, life... can be boring.

The Sickness

There once was a girl. Strong, proud, Beautiful.  The envy of all others. But her hope slowly faded. She glanced at all the magazines. Saw the distorted beauty in them, and the envy became envious. Her desire grew stronger. Her methods began a slow climb to insanity. What she would not do for this “perfection”, she didn’t quite know. Her circle of friends grew smaller and smaller in circumference. One goal was splattered inside her head. She pushed and pushed. Perfection never came. A blade became her comfort. There was no one else to take its place. Tears flowed for the courage to dig deeper. Her body weakened, and her soul became a hollow jar. When all seemed lost… he came. He took the blade and replaced it with his hand. He never let go, and hopefully he never will.

Can I Be Done?

So lost

I’ve been feeling so lost

My body feels limp

Tears of hope

Now tears of helplessness

I wanna throw my head back and scream

Scream with every fiber of my being

I want every emotion that buried itself in side of me

To be set free

I wanna rip the hair outa my scalp

And fall back into nothing

Be the dust that piles up


I’m sorry

I know I’m not good enough

My hair is too short

My eyes are lost

My hands are always cold

And trust I have abandoned

But I ask you

Stay with me…

What we dont see…

Is what we should see…

Alice came to a fork in the road. “Which road do I take?” she asked.
“Where do you want to go?” responded the Cheshire cat.
“I don’t know,” Alice answered.
“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Writing for a Cause

A clean crisp paper and a new ball point pen. Never had there been a more perfect match. Thoughts spew from my head so fast my fingers are in deep struggle to keep up. I write. I write about love. Dreams. Regrets. I write about writing. My hand is stinging with complaint. But I will not stop, for if I stop I admit defeat.  The world that is so full of disappointments will not win, not this time. I will write till my fingers bleed, till I have nothing to write on, till my eyes are so full of tears I cant see the paper in front of me, I will write till you finally understand just how much I love you….

A tear can mirror an emotion… it can also mimic and lie.

Hope Still Stands

The once was a girl

Who had a glass heart

She sat all alone

With no one to hold


Nights she had cried

And days she drifted

A goal in her mind

To get hurt no more


Many had hurt her

Scars left to attest

With pain so strong

How can one embrace


But she held on tight

To that glimmer of hope

That her glass heart held

And kept trough it all


Alone she does stand

But alone she is not

For someone is with her

Watching with love